Nerdy Boyfriend: 14 Reasons Why He Is A Genuine Catch


‘Penny, we have been made of the particles which have been around because world began. I enjoy imagine those atoms have traveled 14 billion decades through some time and area to produce you with the intention that we could end up being together making both entire.’

‘ When this doesn’t prompt you to desire a nerdy boyfriend, I am not sure what is going to!

Even if you have not observed an individual episode of

“The Big Bang Theory”

, then you’ve heard about the incredibly delightful love story between Leonard and Penny. The pair of them seem to have paved how for the extremely unlikely partners around the world.

Regarding passionate really love that may sweep you off your own feet, it’s not possible to argue making use of proven fact that nerds take the dessert. There might have now been a period when they certainly weren’t typically the most popular select among ladies, but that is no longer your situation. Females have eventually reach their unique sensory faculties!

Let’s not pretend, women have actually wasted many of the life pining throughout the stereotypical

poor guys.

We have it, they may be appealing! But… That’s not really sufficient. While ripped abs and chiseled jawlines do lead to an effective talk beginning, they don’t really maintain dialogue heading.

Why wouldn’t you want to have a nerdy date? He is extremely charming, insightful, and fascinating. He is a fantastic listener and he could not make you feel as you’re irritating him along with your questions. You could probably select any topic on earth and he could have something to say about any of it!

And, in case you are a person that believes online dating a nerd indicates playing games and enjoying Star Wars over and over again, you cann’t end up being further through the reality. While there’s nothing incorrect with either of these circumstances, absolutely a lot more to those guys than meets a person’s eye.

The thing that makes a nerdy boyfriend?

When you listen to the term “nerdy boyfriend”, exactly what pops into the head? A scrawny man with glasses just who cannot stop checking out comics and geeking around over his preferred sci-fi film? A socially uncomfortable guy which spends the majority of his amount of time in the library checking out books on astrophysics?

You’re only a little overwhelmed, but you’ve had gotten the nature. Many nerds have cultivated familiar with various stereotypes they’ve been associated with throughout history. But… In case you are wanting to take a relationship with one of those you ought to find out the proper terminology.

Very first things 1st, there is a distinction between nerds and geeks.

“might the force be… add up to mass instances acceleration!”

Have you ever heard of these one? Contrary to popular belief, that could be best estimate you are able to to comprehend whether you’re dating


nerd or a geek


Nerds are generally socially embarrassing guys that happen to be extremely smart. They enjoy reading publications, mastering every thing about subjects they truly are enthusiastic about, and mastering various skills. They usually work in the world of math, physics, or pc research.

And, according to the Urban Dictionary meanings, a nerd is

“a four-letter phrase with a six-figure income.”

Nearly all women love in a commitment with someone that’s profitable within field of work. It is not about money, it’s about success and power. Cue the nerdy boyfriend!

Alternatively, geeks are generally guys who’re excited about a particular subject. While they’re knowledgeable, their unique information is typically about specific industries. They’re lovers and love collecting various things and trinkets linked to their passions.

Now you’ve learned the appropriate terminology, you can easily buckle up-and begin this trip! Why is nerdy men this type of remarkable boyfriends?

14 unignorable factors why your nerdy date is a genuine catch

Should you decide spent most of your existence handling the average

Chad the football member

version of man, chances are you’re willing to proceed rather than look back. You do not have your own vendetta against conventionally attractive guys, you’ve already been starred in past times while learn better now.

Why is it possible you continue checking out similar publication repeatedly as soon as you don’t also like ending? There are a lot interesting books on the market waiting to end up being read and all of you should do is actually let them have chances! With This painfully obvious metaphor off the beaten track…

We ought to carry on making reference to every main reasons why you will want a nerdy sweetheart in your lifetime. Not just is the guy very intelligent and lovely, but he will in addition go out of his option to make us feel appreciated and appreciated. He’s nothing can beat other man you previously dated!

1. They have a fantastic spontaneity

Speak about exactly how many folks thought about lame misogynistic laughs funny! You thought you used to be alone who had beenn’t laughing at such things as

“These Days is actually Internation Ladies’ Day. It had been supposed to be last night nevertheless they got too much time to organize and park their cars.”

Ha-ha, so hilarious.

The nerdy guy might-be socially uncomfortable at first, but once you get to know him better you will notice just how incredibly amusing he is able to end up being. He will probably surprise their witty humor and light-hearted candor. If in case you happen in order to comprehend their puns and references, you may generate him the happiest man in this field!

If you were wanting to know how to make the nerdy date happy, you just need to make an effort to discover more about their interests. You don’t have to get better at astrophysics, however if you comprehend their Superstar Wars references you will have him eating at restaurants of your own hand in no time!

2. he’s fascinating subject areas for talk

Going far above in order to keep carefully the conversation going, attempting to talk about something that interests you merely to be called unusual, making small-talk since there’s hardly anything else to generally share – we’ve all been there.

Nerdy boyfriends lack that issue. They can be incredibly experienced in different things and so they can keep the talk going regardless of topic. They’ve exclusive take on every situation plus they aren’t afraid of exploring topics obtainedn’t talked about before.

Aliens? Astrology? Shadow folks? Your own nerdy sweetheart is actually guaranteed to have an entire debate in regards to the many haphazard subject you can think of. He will probably never ever give consideration to anything you say unusual because the guy understands much better than to guage men and women centered on their own interests. Your quirks tend to be safe with him!

Don’t get myself completely wrong, he won’t shy away from expressing their viewpoint even though it is not in line with your own website. You may not manage to pout your way of a quarrel. But, this knowledge only motivate you to the office on your self, discover new stuff, and overcome him at his very own video game!

3. he could become a billionaire

Do you believe Marck Zuckerberg’s senior school crush had any concept he had been planning to be a freaking billionaire in just after some duration? She is probably conquering by herself over maybe not offering him the opportunity whenever she had the possibility! I’m not stating the nerdy sweetheart will become a billionaire, but…

The majority of nerds do have an increased chance of thriving in life considering how smart, and resourceful these are generally. They do not need certainly to go to high-profile universities or just work at effective businesses, nonetheless they will usually find a method to show their knowledge into profit.

They may be far less very to have difficulty in terms of acquiring the proper position, there are numerous prestigious jobs open to them. Whon’t want to stay in a relationship with an individual who’s enthusiastic, powered, and successful?

At chance of sounding like a genuine celebration pooper, you certainly must not be with somebody just because they might become a billionaire (or a billionaire) at some stage in their existence. But, their own accomplishments usually are not something you really need to forget.

4. they aren’t afraid of devotion

Nerdy men have an absolutely different mind-set regarding connections. Chances are your own nerdy man isn’t gonna hack on you, ghost you, or dump you for no evident cause. The guy does not have the amount of time or perhaps the power to manage everything drama.

They are perfectly happy being in a significant connection with some one the guy likes, and he isn’t really enthusiastic about fooling about, flirting together with other females, or searching for someone much better. Trust me, he’s as well busy racking your brains on how he had been able to land the girl of their dreams to start with!

The guy really wants to invest every second of his time causing you to have a good laugh, having neverending talks regarding world, and cuddling in the couch. You don’t have to be concerned he’ll wake-up one day and determine he no more wants to end up being to you. The nerdy boyfriend is all in!

5. He Is awkward and shy, but…

Bear beside me about this one! Very first instinct may be to label those two personality traits as inherently unfavorable, but kindly, hold the horses. How many times maybe you have kept the club annoyed since you could not acquire some scary dude to eliminate striking for you?

It appears as though the majority of males think it really is socially acceptable to need time, interest, along with your quantity because they purchase you a glass or two.

“besides being hot, where do you turn for an income?”

Taking walks away may be the only suitable reaction should you decide notice this jaw-dropping literary expression.

But, there is desire! A nerdy guy will come up with distinctive and lovable techniques to find the attention. He could end up being uncomfortable and
before the guy extends to understand you better, but he can shock their witty remarks the moment he becomes more content.

Believe me, he’s really worth the wait!

6. He appreciates your

Nerdy guys will appreciate their unique connections much more simply because they haven’t got much luck with relationships in advance. Aren’t getting me personally completely wrong, you shouldn’t generalize him just because he is a little cumbersome and does not understand how to communicate with ladies. But…

Many nerds possess a tough time raising up. Its possible that your particular nerdy sweetheart may possibly not have been widely known guy in his school, which kept him feeling inadequate and unskilled. Now that he’s managed to secure the girl of his ambitions, he doesn’t want to let you go!

However do just about anything in the arena only to make certain you have everything you need. The guy wishes one feel liked and appreciated every single day in your life, and he actually nervous to demonstrate it. Just what a breath of outdoors battling contrary to the scent of dangerous maleness!

7. He appreciates your character significantly more than the charm

Perhaps you have experienced a relationship making it possible ton’t get someday without sporting makeup products or shaving every inches of the human body? You’ve been conditioned to consider you had beenn’t stunning or desirable unless you were


. When you’re internet dating a nerdy man, you don’t need to be concerned with these specific things!

There’s nothing you could do that would make you less appealing in his eyes. He don’t begin a relationship to you due to your appearance. The guy took committed to get to understand you as people, and then he fell in love with you because of the way you made him feel.

Men and women believe nerdy dudes are eager to be in a relationship with any lady they discover attractive. That is simply not the outcome. They understand much better than to waste their own precious time on somebody who does not contribute anything to their own life. Flake out, you can be yourself around him!

8. The guy does not determine your odd quirks

Not just does the guy values your personality above your charm, but the guy does not start thinking about you strange if you are getting your self around him. If you are online dating a nerdy guy, you are feeling entirely comfortable with showing him every side of yourself minus the anxiety about being ridiculed.

Trust in me, he will not bat an eyelid if you unbutton your jeans as you’ve consumed way too many pieces of pizza pie. The guy won’t imagine you lost your thoughts as he captures you bawling your vision around since your preferred United states Idol contestant did not go through. If such a thing, he will cry to you!

Nerdy dudes will be the least judgmental people in the planet. They will have experienced plenty of negativity inside their existence in addition they learned how to stay their unique lives without having the endorsement of others. Truth be told, if you are online dating a nerdy guy it’s not necessary to concern yourself with anything.

You wish to listen to positive affirmations as soon as you awake because they make you feel much better? Your own nerdy date could even join in. You should purchase an accumulation of weird porcelain dolls away from Craigslist to test if they are haunted? Go for it!

9. He’s down-to-earth

You’re used to matchmaking


of your world with their extravagant suits and intensely pricey supper reservations. While you’ll find nothing wrong with leading a lavish life style, you might be getting tired of this charade of excellence. Many times some serenity matchmaking a nerdy guy.

Nerdy guys would prefer to spend money on their own education, information, and mindset than their appearance. Aren’t getting me personally completely wrong, they aren’t low priced and additionally they definitely do not mind purchasing enthralling experiences with someone they love. But, they’re in addition extremely low-to-zero maintenance.

When you have some time on your own arms, you ought to test this social research. Take to giving your own nerdy date a praise – tell him he looks breathtaking, you like the way in which he did their hair, or perhaps you love the jacket he used. Believe me, could create his entire time!

Now try informing the exact same thing into the sort of guy you accustomed day. Handsome, self-confident,
, douchebag – does that problem?

It’s likely that this kind of man will smirk and say anything like

“i am aware, appropriate.”

Let’s all concur that nerdy dudes are incredibly far better!

10. he is enchanting

Once you provide him the opportunity, a nerdy man will persuade you he is able to be the ideal date you ever endured. He will go out of his solution to create your wishes be realized. He will surprise you with flowers, elevates on natural travels, demonstrate brand-new spots, and supply limitless cuddles.

Whonot want to stay in an union with someone such as that? Your own nerdy date won’t be everyone’s cup of beverage, but that willn’t keep you from becoming with him. You are aware a lot better than to judge people based on exactly what other individuals have actually said about them.

A nerdy boyfriend will make you believe in love again. He can start the doors for your needs and allow you to acquire his coating when you are cool. He can walk you back again to your place – not because he’s wishing might invite him in, but because the guy cares concerning your security. He’s a gem!

11. he is empathetic

I would ike to imagine! You’d the show of men who known as you dramatic and sensitive whenever you tried to explain you were harmed by some thing they performed? You have been gaslighted into thinking you are the main one to be blamed for every negative situation?

When you’re online dating a nerdy man, it’s not necessary to worry about hearing condescending reviews like

“Could it possibly be that time of thirty days, again?”

Even though really, he’ll make fully sure you get the real and mental give you support need. He’ll try to know very well what you’re experiencing.

That is certainly very important! Few people like going men experience the need to find out about things they don’t comprehend. They have a tendency to clean everything within the carpeting because they’re incompetent at handling their own emotional area. They don’t really know what concern is!

The nerdy date does not have that problem. He’s perfectly in beat with his mental area, and he is not afraid of becoming vulnerable along with you. He can demonstrate exactly how much the guy cares about you, remain up through the night writing on your own plans money for hard times, and give you support whatever.

12. The guy does not play brain games

Another wonderful benefit of internet dating a nerdy man is that the guy does not feel inclined to tackle
brain games
to you. The guy doesn’t wish to gaslight you into considering you probably did something wrong. You are sure that that traditional user mindset in which the guy reveals interest one-day and doesn’t go back your telephone calls next?

You don’t need to concern yourself with any of those things if you are online dating a nerdy guy. He is enthusiastic and authentic, and he certainly isn’t thinking about becoming with a person that isn’t willing to possess

“What are we?”

talk. He doesn’t perform brain video games because he really wants to hold his cards open.

The guy merely can’t be bothered with playing hot and cool hoping it can get him closer to somebody he is interested in. He is too adult to include themselves with an individual who requires doing offers in order to be captivated and interested.

In the event that you feel equivalent, your nerdy boyfriend might tick every correct cartons. You simply won’t need to hold off observe who’s planning to call first or who is probably state the popular three terms. Both of you might have a great deal fun collectively, end up being entirely genuine, and start to become comfortable with who you are as individuals.

13. He does not like going out

When you are internet dating a nerdy man, you don’t need to be worried about him hitting the organizations every Saturday night and flirting collectively lady he locks sight with. Just is actually he extremely socially awkward, but the guy also does not like hanging out in crowded locations.

Both of you tend to be a match produced in paradise. The guy enjoys staying in, cuddling on the chair along with you, and binge-watching your chosen motion pictures. {You
connect with’s social media channels